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Create & Fulfill Inspiring Vision

Sakar is a sanskrit word. It means to fulfill, bring into existence, bring into reality.

Sakar Trust has provided & continues to offer donations, grants, financial resources, strategic direction & technology support to over dozen field partners & selected projects. Sakar foundation along with its partners has contributed to millions of individuals & families worldwide. Sakar is recognized for its contribution by senior elected officials, law makers, doctors, health professionals & business leaders.

Sakar is a family of spiritual practitioners to support you in creating and fulfilling the most inspiring ideas from your heart. We know you have vibrating, divine presence in you. At its core, you long to express your greatness, you wish to fulfill your potential and contribute to people you love.

We welcome you and we are inspired by your decision to spend time on this website & allow us to be part of your life and thoughts. We trust your visit will be nurturing and valuable to you and your loved ones.

This website is not like a normal website. We have nothing to advertise or promote. We don’t accept any donation, sponsorship. We don’t promote any philosophy, religion or belief system.

Sakar exists for one purpose: Healthy, Creative, Happy & Fulfilled Human Beings.

When you come to Sakar you are coming to a family event. It is truly a family experience. There are no hierarchy. There is no formality or pretense. You will be accepted and respected as you are.

Sakar has designed innovative projects that has power to transform and to take individual from his current state of bondage & suffering to a state of pure bliss, devotion & love.

Sakar practitioners provide energy, warmth & spiritual nourishment to people around India & the world.

We trust you. We trust that you will use your visit, your time and material in this website in a way that honors the presence of divinity in you.