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Global Integration

In the past, people have tried to unite the world by religion, politics, arts and/or military force. All those attempts have failed. The biggest unifying factor for the world has been – Commerce. Internet and E-commerce have really united the world into a big, giant marketplace. We are a one world.

All the barriers to the world trade are fast disappearing because of the rapidly developing Internet and E-commerce Technologies.

Sakar Global Integration projects are aimed at accelerating the movement of global integration through commerce and technology.

Sahaj Shanti conducts foreign language classes.

Our programs to achieve the goal of global integration include:

E-Success: Support to businesses all over the world to make the world their market. Technology seminars and workshops for businesses.

Our-World: Workshop, support and information on immigration and global re-location issues.

Yatra: Global tours to explore and understand the world culture. Invitation to global study groups, businesses in India to explore the richness of India.