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Foresight 2020

What will be covered in the Foresight-2020:

  • 1) Future: New ontological perspective – Power to design your own future.
  • 2) Top Future World Trends
  • 3) Top Future Technology Trends
  • 4) Tools and check-lists to create your own future

Your Benefits:

1. Take benefit of the emerging trends from 2010 to 2020:

In the year 2000, not many people knew about twitter, facebook, youtube or smartphones. Today in 2010, these technologies are everyday reality. Individuals and organization who saw the future of emerging technologies could get unprecedented benefits as they had the first mover advantage. Foresight-2020 will give you accurate look at the world, your life and emerging opportunities in the year 2020. Once you learn about the emerging opportunities, you can equip yourself to create the future that allows you to the leader in the next decade.

2. Let the future call you - create a future based in reality:

It is easier to swim with the tide. Once you know how the future is going to be, you can easily re-align your objectives in line with the future.

3. Access the tools and strategies to create the future:

In this workshop, we allow you to use the tools and strategies to create the future of your choice. You can create future that you will feel empowered to live into.

4. Support & Guide Others:

You can significant contribution to the success of other organizations and inviduals when you access the power of Foresight. The knowledge and insight you get in this conference will give you greater ability to contribute to others.

5. Meet the Foresight Group:

You can meet the Sakar Foresight Group and keep in touch with this group to get support and mentoring about the forthcoming opportunities.